Thursday, October 05, 2006
These days i've been a bit stressed, and while typing this, i'm staring at my little darling superhero elmo baruch punk who is cozily snuggled into the mess of tissue paper she surrounds herself with. Her tissue pile has been moved from the bottom right corner of her cage to the top left one so i guess that she's been busy moving it. She's a very persistent little creature :) And a darling to boot!

Otherwise, my best friend has been the school photocopying machine. Every evening, i spend sometime with it, stroking it, being with it, getting to know it on a one to one basis. It's our quality time together.

Tomorrow and saturday i have 2 fashion shows to attend so at least that gives me a breather. And there's always other measures of getting things off my chest e.g. shopping, crying, and big hugs :) Today i met a well loved friend who helped me with my photocopying. PHEW. Praise the Lord for His tender mercies :) Thanks Daddy :)

I think i am very blessed. I get invited to fashion shows and art shows. I'm driven around by a driver or my parents. I get to buy what i want when i want. I get to eat at swanky restuarants for breakfast-lunch-tea-dinner-supper. I have a personal trainer. I have memberships and get to go to exclusive clubs. And that's not all. I am very fortunate. Thanks DAD!!! :) I love you!

The week after is family court day. I will trust you Daddy God that it will be all alright.

There's also much work to be done. I can't wait for the end of the semester. Gosh, how time passes so fast.

But till then, it's back to work.
Sunday, October 01, 2006
I miss you, you know.

So many things have happened that I'll probably never tell you about. Like the fashion show (another 2 up this weekend), the 2 jenny's i got to know (1 at church, 1 at gym), the new drs, pastor/cousellor, my shopping, school, that my research is over, the new guy at school, my friends overseas, the kid i teach, the parties i had, just being with my sister, art shows, and the court case and more couselling.

Do i need that much couselling?

There's another court case this week on the 5th of october. I'm a bit worried. Will be calling up to check if it's been postponed.

And how's your job been? And how are you?

I intended to write earlier, but somehow, I just never got around to doing it. I guess it's easier to blog when you're not so active. Speaking of which, i think that most statesmen/women would actually be bloggers if they grew up in our generation. Most presidents keep diaries. They'll probably blog too, perhaps not a public blog, but maybe a private online diary? Or a coded one?

Somehow i'm a bit nervous about the case, but i'll leave it in God's hands. Abba daddy help me k?

I have a paper later. I have to go to town too. Maybe i'll see you. Maybe not.

Elmo's doing great. I love her very much. There's a new guy now, he makes me nervous. Truth is, i'm a bit scared of him. At least you don't bite. You're mild. And you don't yell.


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