Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rest in peace Elmo Baruch Punk, mummy loves you very much.

Elmo passed away on the 22nd of January 2007. Born on the 10th of June 2004, she was 2 years, 7 months and 12 days old when she passed on. She will be dearly missed by her mummy.

God bless you darling. I miss you very much and I love you.

We had many great times Elmo and me, and she never failed to make me smile with her feisty nature, and at the same time, warm my heart by her gentleness towards me.

Like curling up and lying in my hand, just peacefully resting
Like running out to see what happened what she hears me crying
Like running out to greet me when i come home from school
Like licking my hand when i am in tears or need cheering up
Like licking me when i tell her i love her very much
Like diving into her cage and squeaking and moving quickly in a zig zag manner to chase the insect out of her home
Like moving around her tissue paper when she wants to sleep in another corner of her cage
Like saving a piece of tissue to use as a blanket to cover herself
Like running on her wheel and then running to sit on her food trough (which serves as a lift in which i carry her out of her cage) and then checking to see if i've noticed her and am coming to take her out. If I do, she gets all happy and excited. If I don't, she runs back to the wheel again to see if she can get my attention with the noise created by the wheel
Like curling up in a corner of my bed to nap
Like digging on my bedsheet
Like throwing sawdust out of her cage and squeaking loudly if she is unhappy
Like smiling or licking me if she's happy
Like brushing me off, literally, if she wants me to go away
Like sulking when she has to take a bath
Like rubbing her little head and ears and sucking her toes
Like being upset at having her picture taken, unless she has been given a snack to which she then happily shows off her little treat and smiles
Like when she got lost and i prayed to God that i could find her, and i said out loud "elmo if you can hear mummy, please make a noise" to which she squeaked in reply and james the interior designer came, cut a whole in the wood, and rescued her
Like when she looked sad and ashamed and didn't dare look me in the eye after being found, but i told her that it was alright, mummy's happy you're safe now and she cheered up immediately
Like when the vet said she was a very cute hamster
Like when the people at the vet said she was very tame as she just lay there rest on my hands while waiting for her turn to see the doctor
Like when she behaved herself and stood still as i stroked her whilst getting a jab
Like when her first home was a fish tank and then a plastic container and she didn't like it one bit and would squeak and bite a lot
Like when she calmed down when i bought her her cage
Like when we watched the general election results together, she lying on my hand, me watching the news
Like when she climbs onto my laptop and sniffs at it, and bites the computer's mouse
Like when we moved house to my godmother's place during the court case and i had to hide her cage in the bathroom
Like when both of us were so happy to finally get to go home
Like how she sleeps in her cage right next to my bed
Like how she didn't like the tiny plastic teddy bear i bought for her, and stomped on it and tried to bury it
Like how she liked to run around my room, and-praise God-i could find her later on
Like how she didn't like the Christmas bear
Like how taking photographs made her sulk, unles she was bribed with food or snacks
Like how she didn't like wasabe peas: she greedily bit into it, and on realising it was spicy, rushed to drink water, and then stepped on the pea and tried to bury it
Like how she tried to bite me when i offered her another wasabe pea
Like how she didn't want to sit on gemma's hand and so she curled up even tighter in my hand
Like how she likes it when i stroke her head
Like how she always eats breakfast at 6 something in the morning
Like how she loves her star shaped petfood
Like how she is incredibly naturally toilet trained and very hygenic
Like how she likes lying in the little plastic house in her cage
Like how she was determined to get out of the barrier i built and would try to dig, but upon realising that didn't work, ran to my pencil box, sat there and thought long and hard of a new method
Like how she loved to dive onto the edge of my bed from the edge of my table
Like how she was happy when she was returned home to me
Like how she looked so peaceful sleeping
Like how she licked me just before i went to school on the day she died, and when i told her that i loved her very much, she, though weak, licked me all the more
Like how she curled up onto her food saucer, slept and died.
Like how she loves me and i love her too.

I miss darling. Mummy misses you very much.

Rest in peace k. I'll see you in Heaven when i get there.


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