Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The back part of the seven boycut jeans. Nice! Posted by Hello

Nice too! Seven boycut jeans in dark chicago wash.  Posted by Hello
Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Miller Trousers in dublin wash. Love the wash and the cut.
 Posted by Hello

The original 7 bootcut jean, in dark new york wash. Posted by Hello

7's classic stretch flare jeans, dark new york wash. Posted by Hello

Lovely lovely! 7's stretch A pocket niagara wash. Posted by Hello

Nice wash. But don't really like the back pockets.Rock & Republic Roth Stretch Flare Jean. Posted by Hello

Also nice. This is the joe's honey jeans in the gigi wash. The other joe's jeans featured is the socialite jean in the idol wash. Posted by Hello

JOE'S JEANS! Named after darlingmo. V v sexy fit and wash. V flattering. Nice! Hinting to darlingmo to buy it for me. Tee hee hee :D Posted by Hello

Like the wash as well.James Jeans Stretch Bootleg Jean, Dark Knight wash. The fit LOOKS flattering... looks because the last time the dark emily james jeans LOOKED nice, but it didn't fit v well. Posted by Hello

Also nice, but the butt area looks a leetle weird. Citizens of Humanity
Stretch Kelly Jean in Pacific Wash. Posted by Hello

Again, v nice.Citizens of Humanity Alexandria Pant, Nile River Wash.
 Posted by Hello

Nice nice! Love the wash. Love the cut. Citizens of Humanity's Stretch Kelly Carpenter Pant. Posted by Hello

Nice. This is called the AG Jeans--- The Angel jeans. I've a pair that looks like this for a fraction of the price from Fox. Both pairs are uber flattering. Posted by Hello

Nice wash! Now THAT'S the colour i'm looking for.New Broadway jeans from 7 for all mankind. Posted by Hello

I like the wash for this pair of james jeans. It's a dark emily. But when i saw at at blackjack for a steal---$120 when the usual price was $329, i realised i didn't really like it that much afterall. Posted by Hello

This is so sweet! Very flapperish, and will look nice w ballet flats. Oooooooooh... Lovely "young hollywood" glamour. Posted by Hello

I like this skirt TOO! Smart yet sweet. Posted by Hello

Haha, i'm keeping an online shopping list of what i like NOW :D for posterity's sake. This pleated mini rocks! Love the grosgrain belt too. Posted by Hello
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Haha, i fed my hammies WASABI PEAS! And they were really greedy and they ate it, and then they found it really spicy, so they dropped it immediately and had to lick their paws cos it was too spicy. Then they kicked it and tried to bury it cos they didn't like it anymore. Haha, so farnie.
Monday, January 10, 2005
Today was the beginning of a new semester in school. And today, there was this guy in my class who was an friend of an acquaintance of mine. He knows me only by face and i recognise him also, but dunno his name. After class he came up to me and said, "you're gail rite?" and started talking and talking and talking and talking and he had this weird accent although he's singaporean and then he asked me to go for lunch w him but i said i couldn't cos my mum was fetching me. I walked down and he followed me. At level 1 of the usp building, i called jo, who then came down and the guy was still talking and talking and talking and he talks rather loudly too. Jo saw me talking to him, so he went up to shake his hand but the guy said, "WHO ARE YOU!" really hostile-ly. Jo said, "i'm her boyfriend" and continued, "you're er ming right? i'm from the same batch as you in chinese high". That guy was infamous in chinese high for talking a lot during Q and A sessions. I was so embarrassed so i hid behind jo's shoulders which are broad, and he being tall, covered me till my eyes upwards and i was peeking out and listening to the exchange btw them. Then the guy left and we were waiting for my mum and facing each other saying, "er... that was weird". Then about a few minutes later, the guy came back again and in his booming voice, bombarded jo w a lot of questions such as where are you from, what are you studying etc. jo said, "soc", then the guy said, "SOC?! YOU'RE TAKING SOCIOLOGY?" so i peeped from jo's shoulders and squeaked, "school of computing". The guy kept asking other questions about the school of computing and finally, he left. So farnie. Hee.
Sunday, January 09, 2005
Darling was really sweet. We were on my bed and he was looking at me, and i said very unromantically, "Wat?". And he said, "just admiring you, wondering what is it about you that makes you look so cute." Wheeeeeeeeee. Hee, that was really really sweet.

It's nice to be w darling, and i really thank God for him. We were at New Creation Chruch w mummy and we sat in front and mummy sat behind, and it's nice to be near darling. He wore his watch today, and looked really handsome and manly. And when he heard they had healing rooms, he said, "you want to go there?" and he's not embarrassed to let me cling on to him, or to hold me, even when my mum is around. And he's really capable--- can help navigate carpark areas, and has a good sense of direction. Gail has met her match. Like porpor says, "Ah kai kai whole sak huei ger... (and something else that i forgot but i think it means spoil or side w me".

Porpor bought me a lovely jade cross, but i don't wear jade leh, and she said it's for me to wear till i'm old. So i am thinking of a way to stylise it--- maybe put it on my bag, or wear it on my belt loop? Dunno. Nvm, God will provide inspiration one. He always has. Praise Him.

Darling bought me a ring on the 5th of jan. It's called a jo-ring (I've decided to spell it as jo and not joe, haha. So he said that was special), and he said it's has "Gail-cheering-up-superpowers". Everytime i'm sad, i'm supposed to look at it and remember that joseph loves me. Maybe i should have a Jesus ring too, so that everytime i'm sad or scared, i look at it and remember that Jesus loves me too and will protect me ALWAYS! So cool, a jo-ring and a Jesus-ring.

Praise God for His marvellous blessing in mine and jo's life. In Jesus' name (MUST REMEMBER TO SAY THIS COS I USUALLY FORGET), AMEN!

okie, this is the last pic i'm putting up, in order to prevent narcissism from overtaking me. heehee Posted by Hello

this pic is nice, and i look slightly androgynous.  Posted by Hello

me again. Posted by Hello

haha, i took this using a mirror in my parent's bathroom--- used the mirror to get the look correct, then click and flash! tada, a nice pic of me :D Posted by Hello
Monday, January 03, 2005
God, help. I'm very very sorry. Please don't punish me. It just came so suddenly. And i dunno how to get out. I'm really sorry God, forgive please. I'm sorry. Help me not to do it ever again. And give me a promise so i can escape from it. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Sunday, January 02, 2005

this is cute cos of the face difference. big jo tiny gail.  Posted by Hello

us looking happy. see the height difference.  Posted by Hello

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