Saturday, August 27, 2005
Catwalk labels i love :D

1. Marc Jacobs
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs
3. Lanvin
4. Chloe and see by Chloe
5. Temperley London
6. Michael Kors
7. Oscar de la Renta
8. Bottega Veneta
9. Balenciaga
10. Sass and Bide
11. Kate Spade
12. Stuart Weiztman
13. Ralph Lauren
14. Paul Smith
15. Viktor and Rolf
16. Zac Posen
17. Paul and Joe
18. Matthew Wiliamson
19. Catherine Malandrino
Friday, August 26, 2005
My favourite designer lines

1. Marc Jacobs
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs
3. Lanvin--- when alber ebaz is the head of course
4. Matthew Williamson--- he oozes style and sophistication served w huge dollops of feminity
5. Chloe--- only under creative director phoebe philo
6. Alice Temperley--- love her frocks
7. Bottega Veneta--- these bags ooze jet-set
8. Kate spade--- flirty and fun, w a nifty sense of humour
9. Michael Kors--- blends classic americana, w italian breeziness
10. Ralph Lauren--- his sophisticated and preppy look is perfect for causal day-to-day wear as well as for uptown glitterati events
11. Paul smith--- combines sharp and structured tailoring with quirkiness for an oh so pretty ensemble
12. Paul and Joe--- whimiscal chic. As i've said before, sophie albous' stuff are the stuff of haylcon days and daydreams
13. Sass and bide--- for youthful couture, this aussie label's collection of yummy jeans, pants, blouses and dresses doesn't disappoint

Honourable mentions:
1. Viktor and Rolf--- they do military chic best
2. Zac Posen--- like marc jacobs, his clothes weave youthfulness and sophistication into pieces that are simply gorgeous.
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Came up w a great idea 2 days ago and shared it w frens at u sc cha tter b ox today. It was about a digicam being able to email pple the photos after taking it. A bit like a hp w a camera attached, except this time, it's more camera, less hp. So there'll be little buttons for pple to type address and store them in the digi cam, so it's convenient for them to send the pictures to their frens w/o having to upload it to a computer 1st. Yup. Told it to e rn m in g, grace, and eugene.
Saturday, August 20, 2005
Matthew's leaving, and i feel sad. It's been about a month since i've joined this cell group (i joined on the 21st of july 2005), and i like it. On thursday we had dinner and bowling, and i walked and talked w melissa round the carpark at sicc cos it was too cold to bowl. We didnt do bible study cos there wasn't enough time. On friday we had matt's surprise party! I brought sausages and it was the most well recieved dish (yh was right, but i thought of that as well, just didn't say it). Had a video screening for matt, a very sweet production put up by his gf, and it was very touching. It made it even harder for him to leave. Matt made a short speech after that and the mood was really great. Met a lot of hwa chongnians there as well, so cool, including j iel i an who came really late and is pretty handsome. Reminded me of the time me and dewen kept bumping into him at orchard, and finally asked whether he was from hc at the guess boutique's changing room. Took lots of pictures which i hope they'd put up so we can all have a look. Today, the mood was more pensive. Met the new wesley pastor, kh, and he likes cats too. Has a cat named patches. I think he's really sweet and funny. Loved the thing he said about the mouth having a hole. Hahahha. We cut a cake for matt and his uncle (his uncle's bday today), met 2 strangely anti-social dogs, and played imaginiff w ding who's also v funny. It was great. I miss paul. I missed the way he made me feel really at home in the cell group when i 1st came. Thank you Lord for my cell group!

Feeling pretty melancholic about this all. 1st paul left. Then now matt. Nvm, at least there's melissa and all. I like my cell group.
Sunday, August 14, 2005
I went for night cycling last night, and now that i'm back here at home, i've had some time to reflect on things. I don't like my relationship. I dunno why. I just feel pissed about it. I hate jo for running for presidency, that his only stupid fucked up thing is about that. I feel hurt and neglected. Then there's andrew, and i'll be meeting up with him on the 2th of september. That makes me happy. I miss andrew. Then there's mr indian man. I miss his company too. All this pple just surfice to show how unhappy i am w jo, and i dunno what to do. Dont want to break up cos i'll have to see him all the time. Dont like his company either. Please guide me God. Maybe it's just all a mood swing. Help me Heavenly Father, please. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
Saturday, August 06, 2005
This whole thing is bad bad bad, and i knew it long ago. It just wasnt right. And jo being the despo that he is and maybe always will be calling up to say "please don't say anything else". I mean what right does he have to tell others what to do when they aren't related or anything to him. If all goes well, maybe the seniors won't support him. But seriously i dont give a shit anymore. I've stopped loving. It's been dead for awhile, but i've hidden it well i guess. I dunno. I think i just want jesus.
When you lose respect, you lose love, you lose everything. You don't trust, you don't keep, you don't communicate. -itsagoner-

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