Friday, May 27, 2005
Another list. This time of the shops i lurve lurve LURVE:

1. Blackjack--- lovely selection of clothes by young and hip brands
2. Antipodean--- ditto, but this time, the brands are mainly from down under. Brownie points for the nice and jazzy background music
3. Bella boutique (formerly at the grand hyatt but they closed liao)
4. Paul Smith at the Hilton shopping arcade--- i heart paul smith! and love the classy wooden setting of the store
5. Anthropology at holland village--- good music, nice smell, chic stuff.
6. Factory outlet store at holland village--- cheap tees from american labels. what's not to like.
7. Topshop--- chic clothes and huge variety. love the busy vibe of the store
8. Retail therapy--- classy classy chic
9. Betula at the forum--- Birkies good, betula BETTER
10.Borders--- for books, movies, cds and paper products, nothing beats this giant for variety
11.Substance at wheelock--- shoes which are cute and affordable

Honourable mentions:

1. Zara--- this spanish giant is the one stop place for fashionable and up-to-date men's and women's clothes. However, the workmanship can be bad at times, but for basics and a little trendy extras, this place is hard to beat.
2. The indian men stalls at holland v--- nice selection of mags, but it's a bit hot down there.
3. fcuk--- really nice stuff save for one small problem: they take really long to bring in new clothes so it can get boring real fast.
4. Isetan at scotts--- not bad selection of things, the best being their international denim gallery and the topshop outlet there
5. Pedder Red--- nice selection of shoes sans the snooty salespeople
6. The heeren shops--- funky mix of stuff without the skankiness of far east plaza
7. Paul and Joe at wisma--- sophie albou's whimsical clothes are the stuff of dreams

Nice places to dine (western food): the places here are judged both on food AND atmosphere. If it's just for food, i would have labelled it "nice places for food", and not take into account whether i would actually want to stay down there and eat. But since dining is holistic experience, the atmosphere, whether it's clean or dirty, makes ALL the difference

1. Simply bread at sixth avenue--- love the laid back class, and the nice breads and salads. Their cappuacino rocks too!
2. The sixth avenue area--- coudroy and finch, brazil, greenleaf place. Again, classy, yummy and without the crowds
3. Toast--- okay, i have to admit that i haven't eaten here yet, though i intended to many times (just woke up too late to go down). nicely hidden at the back of takashimaya. this place is pretty quiet and serves the same cupcakes as that of marmalade pantry. What's not to like?
4. Marmalade pantry--- nice food in a quiet classy setting
5. Kenny Rogers--- for big servings, this is the place.
6. Seah street deli--- ditto and love the 1950s american diner style
7. Hard Rock Cafe--- great music, tasty food, large servings and funky setting makes for a good meal
8. Gelare at holland village--- the waffles here are BIG, HOT and FRAGRANT. And they are sold at half price on tuesdays :D
9. Garibaldis--- hidden at purvis street, but near enough to raffles city so it's not too ulu, this tiny restaurant serves the best bread and desserts ever. Hot chocolate fudge anyone?
10. Han's at parkmall--- it's clean, tasty, fast and cheap. I eat at this place almost every sunday.

Nice places to dine (Asian):

1. Crystal jade xiao long bao--- the la mian is good, the xiao long bao is great, and the food is served quickly.
2. Scotts food court--- it's clean, cheap and has a great variety. This place also has great beef ball noodles and fish ball noodles.
3. SICC Bukit Room--- i have fond memories of this place, not only for its excellent rendition of cantonese cuisine, but also for all the happy times celebrated there. I have been here since i was 5 i think and have grown up with their shark's fin soup, spring chicken and baby kailan, and i still love it everytime.
4. Chin chin restaurant at sunset way--- sadly this place has closed down, but when they were opened, they made a mean shark's fin soup (pun strictly unintended), hor fun and fried rice.
5. Sushi teh--- i heart their ikura, and sashimi w salmon roe.

Nice places to hang out:

1. Holland village--- it's quaint, quirky and near my house. Heheh.
2. Liat towers--- i like most of the stores here, and this place has a spacious feel
3. Raffles city shopping centre--- the stores here are nice, and it manages to keep a classy vibe despite the crowds on weekends
4. Forum galleria--- i like stores are here, and it's conveniently linked to the hilton where more of the stores i like are.
5. Tanglin mall--- it feels like a foreign place, what w all the ang-moh vibes and huge ang-moh cliental. Not many nice things to buy here, but it's nice for a look see, esp at shops such as british india, that cd shop, tango mango, the bakery at the basement, and royal sporting house.
The men list (guys who had crushes on me) year 1:

Sem 1:

1. L-a ra- my
2. x-ion- g j-u n ha o
3. j i an h ao
4. a ar on

Sem 2:

1. Philip
2. E n Mi n g
3. R en J i e
4. Z hi x ia n g
Thursday, May 26, 2005

have to write something here, if not the program wont publish.  Posted by Hello

ditto again= ditto ditto Posted by Hello

ditto again. Posted by Hello

ditto Posted by Hello

Another nice pic. Posted by Hello

This is a sweet photo of myself. Philip likes it and asked when i took it. I guess cos i look very young and girlish here. Posted by Hello

Us again.  Posted by Hello

My family. This was ian's bday which was on the same day as shan's. Posted by Hello

Darling and me again. I like it when darling puts his arm around me. Big jo and little gail. Posted by Hello

Darling adjusting the camera.  Posted by Hello

Joseph looking farnie. Heheh. Posted by Hello

Me and joseph.  Posted by Hello

That's the end of james and the giant bath. Posted by Hello

Stroking james. Posted by Hello

Cleaning him for the last time... just to make sure. Posted by Hello

Me taking care of james. Posted by Hello

James doesn't like the butt and moves off. perhaps there is a bad smell there. Posted by Hello

I put james on jo's butt. Posted by Hello

The neck wins. Posted by Hello

deciding between the neck and the shoulder. Posted by Hello

James goes back to the neck. Posted by Hello

ditto Posted by Hello

ditto. Posted by Hello

James upclose. Posted by Hello

ditto. Posted by Hello

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