Wednesday, April 20, 2005
I am suffering from depression... again. So deep it hurts. Certain worries and disappoints.

1. Disappointment w a friend:
--- i dont like the way you treat me. You stand me up over and over again, and if it wasnt for the fact that i called you to remind you, i wouldnt have known that you werent coming.
--- i dont like it that you only talk to me mainly when you're bored or dont have anyone else to talk to.
--- i dont like it when for important things, i remind you about it and you just switch it off and dont take note.

Who are you anyway.

2. School work:
--- i dont think i have given my best this semester and i have not done as well as i ought to.
--- didnt do very well for philosophy class, and havent worked hard on my maths.
--- it was a very tiring semester and i was very stressed and unhappy through it all. didnt like it much. too much work, too little time. And i am worn out.
--- but it's my fault as well: i didnt plan my time well, did my work very last minute.
--- in all, a culmination of factors served to make this sem a sucky one: too much work, poor planning on my part, last minute work, bad timetable.

3. Life:
--- it seems like a drag. just rushing and rushing and the people are getting boring and annoying.
--- i guess it's cos my work and my frens have all be mixed up and i need something new to spice it up again.
--- got to go find that special something, whatever it is.

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