Sunday, October 01, 2006
I miss you, you know.

So many things have happened that I'll probably never tell you about. Like the fashion show (another 2 up this weekend), the 2 jenny's i got to know (1 at church, 1 at gym), the new drs, pastor/cousellor, my shopping, school, that my research is over, the new guy at school, my friends overseas, the kid i teach, the parties i had, just being with my sister, art shows, and the court case and more couselling.

Do i need that much couselling?

There's another court case this week on the 5th of october. I'm a bit worried. Will be calling up to check if it's been postponed.

And how's your job been? And how are you?

I intended to write earlier, but somehow, I just never got around to doing it. I guess it's easier to blog when you're not so active. Speaking of which, i think that most statesmen/women would actually be bloggers if they grew up in our generation. Most presidents keep diaries. They'll probably blog too, perhaps not a public blog, but maybe a private online diary? Or a coded one?

Somehow i'm a bit nervous about the case, but i'll leave it in God's hands. Abba daddy help me k?

I have a paper later. I have to go to town too. Maybe i'll see you. Maybe not.

Elmo's doing great. I love her very much. There's a new guy now, he makes me nervous. Truth is, i'm a bit scared of him. At least you don't bite. You're mild. And you don't yell.

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