Thursday, March 17, 2005
Benny Hinn healing evangelistic service 12th March 2005, saturday 7pm.
I shall write this down before i forget the important details of this most wonderful event. I owe it to God for blessing me, my family and loved ones (pets included), and with much gratitude for his grace, love and mercy, i shall write down and what i saw, heard and experienced during the event.

My parents and I left the house at 7pm on saturday evening. This was because we didnt want to have to queue for the event. My friend jamie had invited me to this program on hearing that i needed healing from God. Initially, I was skeptical--- didnt like such huge crowds and would rather have spent time at home or somewhere else. Plus arranging transport would be inconvenient. But he said, "I really think you should go...", so i a bit paiseh, and agreed too. Fortunately, my parents were keen on going as well, cos they were familiar with the speaker, so the transport problem was solved.

Jamie prayed for us to get in, and I prayed too--- the go-late strategy was horribly miscalculated cos we might not have a seat since they limited the number of people going in due to fire safety regulations.

But we managed in, and since we were on of the last few, we were spared the feeling of being trapped in the middle of a huge crowd. It was cooling and i had brought a book to read-- a day in the life of ivan danosovich-- which was part of my eu1101e text, so queueing up wasnt too bad and wasnt too long. A guy next to me was carrying the nus open house bag and looking through the usp admission forms, utterly impressed by it. I was sorely tempted to give him my 2 cents worth since yours truly is in that program.

3 tai-tais lost their patience and got out of the queue even though they were really near the entrance, and left bitching about their wait to get in all the way down the stairs, and loudly too. My mum later said it reminded her about the parable of the 10 bridesmaids and how they was impatient and shrugged off the wait for the groom.

Seriously, they missed out on a lot. 1st there was some clips being shown about the benny hinn ministries in india and philippines where A LOT of pple went and got healed. In the philippines, the numbers went like this: day 1--- 1.3mil, day 2---1.7 mil, day 3---1.9mil. Praise God!!!!! The films of God's love was really touching and i almost cried twice. The pianist played a lovely rendition of the song "this is my Father's world" and benny hinn launched into the sermon proper. He talked about Jesus' non-stop healing for 2 days of the people, and how much He loved them, and how He even went to great lengths just to heal just 1 person. The sermon was from matthew and it was great! Really inspirational.

Then we all sang hymns, prayed and called on the Holy Spirit to fill the place with His presence. Benny hinn said that he could feel the Holy Spirit surrounding the room, and above us, and that we were to grab our healing. I grabbed mine, and grabbed one for my hammy, elmo punk, and one for my grandma too. I told God that i sincerely believed that He would heal me, but if He didnt, it was fine too. And that was a great moment as i felt God's amazing love flow through me and put my heart at rest. I wondered if God would heal my granny and elmo since they werent present (i had forgotten to sneak elmo in) and immediately, God put a reminder in my head that if Jesus healed the centurion's maid w/o going to his house, he could heal porpor and elmo too. All i had to do was for Christ to say the word, and for me to believe.

Pastor benny hinn then started saying that the Holy Spirit had told him that someone with sugar diabetes has been healed. He went on and stated that those with arthiritis had been healed as well, and so did someone blinded by gluacoma, and that someone's ears had just popped open, someone's kidneys had been healed, as well as other people with eye problems. And then he mentioned that someone, 1 person only, with hiv/aids had just been healed, and that person was on seated on his left. We continued praying and he instructed those who had been healed to come up front to the platform.

They went up, all overjoyed and excited that God had healed them. The 1st one was a woman plagued with arthiritis. Her son brough her down together with his wife, and he stated that they came all the way from korea and had been praying for a 3-4 months about making this trip, and they were really grateful that the old lady had been healed. The old lady was able to now run up and down the platform and she showed the crowd, who were extremely shocked. But there was more. A little girl, aged 3, together with her mother had come down all the way from madagascar, and the little girl had been healed of her cross-eyedness. And her mother was overjoyed. The little girl was really sweet and looked very happy even though she was very quiet. A singaporean girl who was deaf in 1 ear since her birth was also healed. She came from australia and had come down with her best fren and her mother. A muslim lady wearing the traditional hat of one who had done the haj came and said that she has now accepted Jesus as her Lord and saviour (AMEN!). She was blinded in 1 eye for 2 ears and that she was now completely healed. Benny Hinn told her to cover the good eye and trace him around the room, and she could do so. Praise God!!!!!!! An african lady came up covering her face. She had been cured of aids. Benny hinn told her not to hide her face. She said that when she heard that someone with aids had been healed, the Spirit immediately compelled her to shoot up both her hands into the air and rush down to the platform. A girl from indonesia who had diabetes for 1 year had been healed. Her brother, aged 9, translated for her and his whole family, and told benny hinn that his sister felt a whole warmth going through her body and that she knew that it was God's power and that she had been healed. The girl was just 6.

Then a woman came up. She had kidney problems and she looked sick. She was from korea and her pastor had brought her up to the platform. Benny Hinn prayed for her, and she leaned on her pastor's shoulder, closing her eyes. Benny Hinn said that he could feel Jesus coming up the steps and enfolding her with His love, and then, her pale cheeks turned pink, and she started jumping up and down praising God. She wasn't able to jump before, but she could now, and she was sooooooo happy and kept on praising God, thanking him for his love. And we were all just as happy. It was amazing what God was doing!

Everytime benny hinn prayed for them, he would touch their foreheads, and they would be slain in the Holy Spirit and would collapse. But it doesnt hurt of course, cos God is cushioning you. He got the whole choir to hold hands, all 800 of them, and he said, "In Christ' name, TOUCH!" and they all collapsed--- immediately and in sync! It was obvious that if benny hinn had wanted to hoax us, he wouldnt have been able to pull it off, esp not through this. For if it was merely a trick, all 800 wouldnt have collapsed so neatly--- surely there would be a few who would be slower than the others, and a few who would fall slowly and awkwardly so that they wouldnt hit their heads. But they all fell immediately and in sync--- all 800 of them! And the people were amazed at the power of God. God also touched though in the front row and they were also slain in the Spirit.

Benny hinn then called for those who were from China to come up. They came up, 30 of them, both men and women, and he prayed for a triple anointing from God for them, that would be able to spread the Good News of Salvation back home in China. He called up all members of the congregation who were pastors and prayed for them as well.

Then he called up a boy in a brown shirt. "You, you there in the brown shirt," he said, "come up to the front". The boy came. His name was mervin. Benny Hinn then called up the boy's parents. Turns out they were both pastors from Bethel Assembly of God and that they had been praying for their son since he was born. Benny Hinn said that God's Holy Spirit had told him that this boy would rise up to be a great leader for Christ, leading tens of thousands to the Lord, but only if he followed God with all his heart. Benny Hinn then called up the boy's parents. Turns out they were both pastors from Bethel Assembly of God and that they had been praying for their son since he was born. "Do you have a girlfriend son?" Pastor benny hinn asked. The boy refused to admit anything. Benny hinn asked again. The boy didnt want to say anything. Benny hinn said, "you can't hide these things from me son, the Holy Spirit has already told me." Mervin's parents looked confused. My mum said he probably had a girlfriend who wasnt a Christian and/or they didnt know about the girlfriend. Benny hinn told the boy, who was probably in ns, judging from his crew cut and tanned skin, that sometimes you have to sacrifice things for a higher calling. And that this calling from God was the higher calling. The boy bowed his head and nodded. Benny hinn then called rev kong hee and all of us to pray for the boy and bless him, and that he would keep close to God. Then he called up all the korean pastors and they sang a hymn in korean. I think it was Amazing Grace, but am not too sure on that one.

This was an amazing experience. When i went home, i was worried that my hamster was not healed, and that i would doubt God, so i didnt dare check her cage. But joseph urged me to go have a look, and HALLELUJAH! PRAISE THE LORD! the big red bloody cyst on her left eye was completely gone, and my grandmother was alright too! Furthermore, the voices in my head had gone! AMEN TO GOD THE FATHER, CHRIST THE SON, AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT! Also, in the process of queueing and entering the place of worship, i had forgiven my boyfriend for being nasty to me and had reconciled with him. Personally, without the help of God, i don't think that would have gone so smoothly and easily. To HIM be the GLORY and HONOUR and POWER and PRAISE and THANKS, forever and ever. AMEN!
Friday, March 04, 2005

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
From my SM lisa. Law student. Really smart girl.

My question:

Hey girl,

Ask you ah, does the quantity of our faith matter? I know that there is a difference between having NO faith and having faith. But is there a difference between having a lot of faith and very little faith. Christ said that as long as we have a faith the size of a mustard seed it is enough. My mum told me that pastor prince said that how much we get from God depends on the amount of faith we have. Is this true? Since God says that He already has a plan for us, and Jesus said that when we pray, we should pray for "God's will to be done" ie, God already has a will for us, and all we should be praying for is for his will to be done. Since God already has a will and plan for us, how much or how little faith doesnt matter cos He has already destined things for us. All we need is faith to receive, but how much or how little doesnt matter? Does the have more faith, get more blessings, have less faith get less blessings which my mum said, still apply? Should we not be asking God for specific things since "your heavenly father knows what you need even before you ask" and instead use prayer as communication?


Her answer:

hey girl,
i gotta cancel dg tmr! sorry sorry! cos i gotta work for my mum cos she's outta town this week!

I think what Ps Prince said is not too correct - he makes it sound that we can control / determine what God is to give us based on our faith. wrong there. We are saved by grace, we live by grace. Grace is that undeserved. God will choose to give according to his will (of courrse, faith may be a factor, but it's not the sole factor! and God doesnt choose to grant answers to prayers via a formula!). There are non-christians out there who get healed, then they believe. then, how does one explain that? There must be a balance b/w faith and grace - and love is the most important of them all!

may i suggest, we should not be content with "faith as small as a mustard seed" - faith should grow as a christian matures. when we start out the faith, it's understandable that our capacity for faith is small. why i say that is - faith grows by practising the faith / living it out. And that's exactly what christians should be doing, and our faith should not stay stagnant. of course, our so-called feelings of having "faith" is the emotional/psychological aspect, which must be differentiated from the real thing.

faith itself may seem illogical to the rest of the world - for e.g. to be a gd leader, one must learn to serve? love your enemies? how do we know that this faith truly brings us joy/faith/peace unless we obey the Bible.

had a conversation with my Pastor yesterday. and i realised that all my pursuit of knowledge o'er issues like faith etc, well it's futile. it's better to be a do-er than a think-er!

But of course, we are human and there will be seasons of highs and lows in our faith life, but trials strengthen and test faith. but when you hit a low note, then how? will you still persevere in the faith? i think how one reacts in adversity / suffering matters alot. everyone's faith is strong when everyone's happy.

faith - must look to the source and object of the faith and reliability of these - namely the Word and the Person Himself (God). So, why should faith based on absolutes disappear in changing circumstances we go through. when we meet difficulties, our faith does waver, most naturally so. But the faith, as small as it seems, is still there.

to keep the faith strong, always remember what God has done for you in the past (we must always be grateful, dun be like the Israelites, who oft forgot and turned away from God). always keep praying (something i'm really want - a solid prayer life). study the Word of God and apply - this cements our faith. it's not what pple say about faith that matters, it's about the faith that ultimately arises from the r/s we have with God.

asking from God is a good habit. when we start to assume that God knows, the danger is that we may start to take things for granted. we ask because we need or we want. and when we ask, and God answers, we will be better able to know that He answered. This allows us to be thankful.

i've been pretty troubled o'er my blog lately. i think i've just turned it into a theological debating centre! sad. at first, it was quite novel and fun. but now, i regret! cos i realised that i dont want the theory half as much as i want the real thing. i'm afraid that when pple read the latest entry, what goes into their system would be knowledge... Knowledge puffs (as my Pastor said), dont want it to be like that. So i'm gonna try turning the atmosphere around and not go into unnecessary theological debatea as much as possible! i want the blog to inspire pple to experience God instead... help pray for this ok? thanks!
God bless,


It's a good ans. And praise God for giving me such a wise sm. Thank you Abba!

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