Wednesday, August 09, 2006
To all the guys i have loved before:

You guys are going, and it somehow feels that a bit of me is going to. I saw you through 2 years of national service or school or work, perhaps not at your side, but i was there aware of when you went in and when you left, and perhaps unbeknowest to you, i still remembered you and kept track of your progress.

You remembered my 1st 2 years in university, and my how we've changed. We look different, act different, think different. All in the name of growing up.

And now you guys are going going gone. Some to study, some to work, none staying behind, but leaving a yearning in my heart. I'm not sure what i'm yearning for exactly-- perhaps it was the chance to get to know you guys better, or maybe the chance to apologise, or to resolve matters, to tell you i loved you, to spend more time with you, to kiss you, to hug you, or just being with you.

And now, with time nearly up, i wish i could call you and say all the things my heart is brimming with-- words unsaid and yet omnipresent-- and you would never know my true feelings, but i probably wouldn't want you to know either. You mightn't had known how to reciprocate, and i might not have been mature enough to handle the emotions at hand.

And now you've grown, each in your own little way, and you're moving on to a new phase in life.

And soon it will be my turn.

All in 2 years, so much has changed.

To all the guys i have loved before, good bye and God bless.
Monday, August 07, 2006
The holidays are almost over.

And while there was a period of pain. I think for most of it, i had a lot of fun. There was soccer, shopping, breakfasts, teabreaks, elaborate dinners.

Here's a list of favs:

1. World Cup-- Whoot! Germany and italy, you were my favs.
2. Breakfasts--- at toast, at regent hotel, at crystal jade, at home.. it felt good having a nice leisurely breakfast
3. Shopping!--- new clothes, shoes, bags, magazines, cds, books!!
4. Sleeping--- 19hrs of uninterrupted rest. Ahh...
5. New Creation Church--- I've learnt so so much! Praise God :)
6. Praying for people and helping them with their problems
7. Watching movies--- oldies, newies, from black and white to oscar contenders, it was cozing up to the silver screen
8. Spending time with loved ones--- incomparable. Just love it
9. Reading time--- of magazines and books at a nice and leisurely pace
10. Parties!--- birthday season, homecoming parties, farewell parties, it's nice to hang around sometime
11. Just being.

Thank you Abba for such a lovely time. I am very grateful, and i love you and thank you for this :D In Jesus' name I praise you for forgiving me for all my sins--- past, present and future--- and for making me the righteousness of God in Christ. I thank you Abba for your bountiful grace, i love you and i thank you for loving me, no matter what i do. In Jesus' name i pray all these, Amen!

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