Monday, August 07, 2006
The holidays are almost over.

And while there was a period of pain. I think for most of it, i had a lot of fun. There was soccer, shopping, breakfasts, teabreaks, elaborate dinners.

Here's a list of favs:

1. World Cup-- Whoot! Germany and italy, you were my favs.
2. Breakfasts--- at toast, at regent hotel, at crystal jade, at home.. it felt good having a nice leisurely breakfast
3. Shopping!--- new clothes, shoes, bags, magazines, cds, books!!
4. Sleeping--- 19hrs of uninterrupted rest. Ahh...
5. New Creation Church--- I've learnt so so much! Praise God :)
6. Praying for people and helping them with their problems
7. Watching movies--- oldies, newies, from black and white to oscar contenders, it was cozing up to the silver screen
8. Spending time with loved ones--- incomparable. Just love it
9. Reading time--- of magazines and books at a nice and leisurely pace
10. Parties!--- birthday season, homecoming parties, farewell parties, it's nice to hang around sometime
11. Just being.

Thank you Abba for such a lovely time. I am very grateful, and i love you and thank you for this :D In Jesus' name I praise you for forgiving me for all my sins--- past, present and future--- and for making me the righteousness of God in Christ. I thank you Abba for your bountiful grace, i love you and i thank you for loving me, no matter what i do. In Jesus' name i pray all these, Amen!
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