Monday, January 10, 2005
Today was the beginning of a new semester in school. And today, there was this guy in my class who was an friend of an acquaintance of mine. He knows me only by face and i recognise him also, but dunno his name. After class he came up to me and said, "you're gail rite?" and started talking and talking and talking and talking and he had this weird accent although he's singaporean and then he asked me to go for lunch w him but i said i couldn't cos my mum was fetching me. I walked down and he followed me. At level 1 of the usp building, i called jo, who then came down and the guy was still talking and talking and talking and he talks rather loudly too. Jo saw me talking to him, so he went up to shake his hand but the guy said, "WHO ARE YOU!" really hostile-ly. Jo said, "i'm her boyfriend" and continued, "you're er ming right? i'm from the same batch as you in chinese high". That guy was infamous in chinese high for talking a lot during Q and A sessions. I was so embarrassed so i hid behind jo's shoulders which are broad, and he being tall, covered me till my eyes upwards and i was peeking out and listening to the exchange btw them. Then the guy left and we were waiting for my mum and facing each other saying, "er... that was weird". Then about a few minutes later, the guy came back again and in his booming voice, bombarded jo w a lot of questions such as where are you from, what are you studying etc. jo said, "soc", then the guy said, "SOC?! YOU'RE TAKING SOCIOLOGY?" so i peeped from jo's shoulders and squeaked, "school of computing". The guy kept asking other questions about the school of computing and finally, he left. So farnie. Hee.
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