Sunday, January 09, 2005
Darling was really sweet. We were on my bed and he was looking at me, and i said very unromantically, "Wat?". And he said, "just admiring you, wondering what is it about you that makes you look so cute." Wheeeeeeeeee. Hee, that was really really sweet.

It's nice to be w darling, and i really thank God for him. We were at New Creation Chruch w mummy and we sat in front and mummy sat behind, and it's nice to be near darling. He wore his watch today, and looked really handsome and manly. And when he heard they had healing rooms, he said, "you want to go there?" and he's not embarrassed to let me cling on to him, or to hold me, even when my mum is around. And he's really capable--- can help navigate carpark areas, and has a good sense of direction. Gail has met her match. Like porpor says, "Ah kai kai whole sak huei ger... (and something else that i forgot but i think it means spoil or side w me".

Porpor bought me a lovely jade cross, but i don't wear jade leh, and she said it's for me to wear till i'm old. So i am thinking of a way to stylise it--- maybe put it on my bag, or wear it on my belt loop? Dunno. Nvm, God will provide inspiration one. He always has. Praise Him.

Darling bought me a ring on the 5th of jan. It's called a jo-ring (I've decided to spell it as jo and not joe, haha. So he said that was special), and he said it's has "Gail-cheering-up-superpowers". Everytime i'm sad, i'm supposed to look at it and remember that joseph loves me. Maybe i should have a Jesus ring too, so that everytime i'm sad or scared, i look at it and remember that Jesus loves me too and will protect me ALWAYS! So cool, a jo-ring and a Jesus-ring.

Praise God for His marvellous blessing in mine and jo's life. In Jesus' name (MUST REMEMBER TO SAY THIS COS I USUALLY FORGET), AMEN!
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