Tuesday, July 11, 2006
YAY!!!!!!!!!! FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muahahahah. The final and the 3rd/4th place playoff was the stuff of drama. The 3rd/4th place match went 1st. Germany versus portugal. Germany 3, portugal 1. YAY!!!!!!!!! Go mannschaft :) so funny--- petit scored an own goal. Hahahaha. And bastian schweinsteiger got 2 in. I love the german team. Fav teams--- brazil, germany and italy, and except for brazil, the rest had a very good showing indeed. Germany won a bronze and topped the list of the most number of goals scored, with lucas podolski being the best young player, and miroslav klose winning the golden shoe. The bronze may have come as a disappointment after they beat argentina in the penalty shootout, but coming from a team that was dismissed as hopeless prior to the worldcup, being able to hold down italy 118th minute of the semis, and later beat portugal 3-1, i would say it was impressive. Danke for the excellent football. I really enjoyed every minute of watching you guys play, though sometimes i think lehmann is daydreaming at his end of the pitch.

I also like italy and they won the world cup. Heh. The match was, as kim possible would put it, so the drama. Zidane headbutted materazzi. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Hilarious! I just stood there and laughed and laughed. Till now, thinking of it still tickles me. One moment he was smirking to himself, the next, he turned around and charged at the italian defender, who fell back in a nice physics action-reaction motion. Then buffon was there rubbing zidane's head, presumably saying, "you can't do that man. heads are for scoring goals, not for getting red cards". Aww. Zizou didn't even stay on to watch the match, nor go up to collect his silver medal. He gave his skipper's armband to -gasp- fabien barthez! (WHY NOT MAKELELE OR THURMAN! BARTHEZ OF ALL PEOPLE!!!) And so italy won on penalty shoot out, having had the not-so-experienced david trezequet miss the net. And the french cried.

In this worldcup, diving was at an all time high.

Here's a segment i call "Diving for non-swimmers".




4. (thierry henry's dive against spain's puyol)

5. (cristiano ronaldo's dive against germany in the 3rd/4th placing match)

6. (Malouda's dive against italy. was awarded a penalty which was a bit harsh, but the referee "made up" for it by denying france a penalty against italy later on)

And last but not least, the infamous headbutt
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