Wednesday, July 05, 2006
My world cup analysis
Yippee! Italy is going to win the world cup. Why? Cos they have 1. the best goalie in the world, compared to france's les lousy aka fabien barthez also know as butterfinger barthez and barthez the buffoon. Strange but the italian goalie, who only let in 1 goal in the whole world cup, is called buffon, but no, NOT AT ALL A BUFFOON. 2. They have a very fluid style of playing and are very good at passing the ball, unlike the french who can get a bit sloppy at times. 3. The french are a bit overdramatic when it comes to dribbling, and they hao lian here and there, and oops, ball go into opponents feet.

Portugal. Too bad. I think you guys like to dive. And i rather france win than you. hehehe. But i thank you for your help in getting rid of england, which were yucks.

Germany, sad to see you lose, but i think you guys have nothing to be ashamed of. You guys had the best scorer in the world cup--- miroslav klose--- and you guys started out very inexperienced but you progressed very fast, and you made it to the semis and BEAT ARGENTINA!!! I love your coach and your strikers, but sometimes i think your goalie is daydreaming and you guys tend to forget about your defense in the rush to attack. Nvm, i wish you well in euro 2008, and i hope you guys would have matured much by then to be superfootballers :)

France france... I forgave you cos of your insipring match against the spanish signors. But you do have to do something about your goalie. He is rather strange. But your coach is to be admired for his composure. And zizou, sagnol, henry, mekele (or was it meleke) and malouda were great. You guys do have a good defence. I just wonder how you will match up with the azzuri.

Two calm coaches. Two teams with very strong defences. One has an excellent goalie. The other has a pretty--- to put it nicely--- unpredictable one. Who will win? It seems obvious right?

No. It football, nothing is really for sure.

Marcello lippi. Gianluigi Buffon. Dont disappoint.
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