Monday, July 03, 2006

Kinda lost the soccer fervor when pieter schmeichel left man u and went back to denmark. And who was his replacement? Fabien Barthez. Barthez the buffoon. Butterfinger barthez. After reading about him letting in 5 goals in 1 match, i had enough of club football. What for stick to a team and invest emotionally in its players only to have them leave for a rival team, or have some rival or gong gong as a replacement. I'm not blaming pieter for leaving, or barthez for coming--- they have to earn a living--- but it was enough for me.

But no worries, there is still the lovely atmosphere of international football to make up for the lack of club football. At least in international football, once a brazilian, always a brazilian (except for the rare few that change nationality). And i like this world cup. England is OUT! Germany beat argentina!!!! :) and Italy whacked aussie ass. YAY!!!!!!!! Pity that no asia or africa team went very far, and that brazil was out. I do like brazil, but they just weren't good enough and it was clear from the midway of the start of the match that the french were the better team. WHAT HAPPENED RONALDO AND RONALDINHO?! I totally blame your coach actually--- should have had more and better midfielders. Defence was also a bit shoddy.

But nvm, must refocus on the semis. I have also shortlisted my goalies' list. So far i like (in no particular order):

1. Ricardo (Portugal)--- he touched every single penalty shot!

2. Cassilas (Spain)--- a true flying goalie, and in the right direction too.

3. Buffon (Italy)--- only let in 1 goal so far, and it was an own goal.

These have made the most impact on me so far during the wc.
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