Wednesday, March 22, 2006
I'm reconsidering. Do i really want to know you. Now i'm a bit nervous. How if you're annoying, irritating... and i've changed my mind about you. I dont want to break your heart if that's the case. And you dont seem v good with people, which is a bit annoying. And yet, the sincerity of your-- oh gosh, i dont even have a word for it--- can be sweet. I dont know. And you dont know either. And there seems to much at stake. And then now you're leaving. And you didnt tell me at all! WHY?! WHY?! Does it mean that my conjecture has been wrong all the while--- you're not really attracted to me, you're not interested? I've been seeing everything wrong? OR is it because of me that you are leaving? Please please say something. This guessing game is becoming unbearable. Please. Then maybe you would know how much i have loved you.
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