Monday, November 28, 2005
I think i'm going nuts. Like spliting into 2--- one side, the "normal" me: chirpy, smiley, spoilt, cute, friendly, very loving, childish, hyperactive and a bit of a maniac; the other side: jaded, cruel, cold, angry, bitter, depressive, reticient and cynical. And it in these 2 extremes that i'm fluctuating. I will call the earlier one A and the latter B. And then there is C: the in between when i feel empty and tired and i just want to sleep.

And i'm screaming silently and crying and going crazy. Going mad and wanting to lash out.

I can't remember the last time i was truly happy :(

Christ Jesus! Please Lord, help me. I am so lost and hurt and i dunno what i'm doing. there are voices talking and telling me to do bad stuff. God! Help! :'( I am desperate Heavenly Father. I dunno what's going on. And i have a history exam to study. God, please be with me. Help me.
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