Saturday, September 10, 2005
Sheesh. I'm think i've x in x u. I think i love you. Uh oh. But it's like so wrong right? You're 23 years older. You're non-Christian. And i know so little about you. But you do make me laugh, and you make me happy. I remember the 1st time we met, and how i felt something special about it. And you remembered it too. I remember you waving back from behind the door, when the other guy (dear prf ec) was busy scribbling down stuff about me. I'm pretty impressed by you, and you remind me of me, a bit. So far, you make me happy. But i daren't do anything. I just keep hoping, wondering. But i think i love you. Maybe i'll delete this post if you make me angry, and i'd wish i'd never written it at all--- humiliated by the fact that i could actually fall for you. That i could actually care for someone so... wrong? But for now, i do. I might sorely regret it later. But for now, i think i'm in love w you. And i wish you could tell me likewise.
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