Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Sometimes, i wonder if i regret breaking up with andrew. He did love me, and perhaps, more than any other relationship i've been in. And maybe it's cause we think alike, he treats me in the way i want to be treated, and he knows and understands the subtle nuances of my behaviour, because of 1 simple reason: he does it too. He knows when i'm angry, how i like things done, what sort of things i like, how i express certain things. We are both into fashion, music, are loners yet socialisers. Maybe that's why we've lasted pretty long. We both had high priorities on each other, and low ones on others (although my 1st priority has to be God and is Him). We both shared the same social codes of conduct and we ran things our way. And yet, our similarities were a two-edged sword. They enabled us to understand each other, but yet, our similar negative traits made us intolerant to each other. I may wonder if i made the right choice. But i have to move on.
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