Thursday, February 24, 2005
Am suffering from depression again. Dunno how it started, but am just feeling sad. Abba God, please help!

Today went out with mum and got a lot of nice stuff. Praise God for His providence. Got 1 jeans, 1 twill pants, 1 cotton pants and 1 white tee :D and i picked up the jeans i sent for altering on monday. Mango and zara have lovely stuff this season. Nice! I like the baby doll dress to wear over jeans :D and other lose fitting tops.

I worry that my parents dun like joseph staying here. But he's alright and we don't do anything wrong. I hope they don't mind. Dunno.

Then there's school work and it's cumbersome weight. Have to go to school and get it done tmr. Don't think can concentrate very well at home cause all i want to do is sleep or relax. Hee. For example, today while darling slogged at programming, i curled up next to him listening to jazz and resting. It's a nice position, but not very useful cos wasn't working. But is it all about work? Why am i so tired and rather rest these days?

Father God, please give me the strength that you promised in Isaiah 40:31--- "but those who hope in the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall soar on the wings of eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not grow faint"! In Jesus' name, i believe you Lord that you will give that to me, and i receive. Thank you Lord! Amen!

Lord, should i take up the offer to intern at catalog magazine? What about social work? And then there's also my own work. Guide me Lord. Please. "For if Your presence is not with us, do not send us up there."--- Exodus 33:15. And Abba God, please please give my daddy a job. I dun know what to do with him being around and so fierce. It scares me. Help.
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