Thursday, December 16, 2004
Yesterday darling and i went to the night safari and it was reawlly reawlly nice! The otters were very fun and there were 3 of them all squeaking and opening their mouths for food. Then darling frightened away some deer when i asked if he could reach them. It was eventful and fun. Praise God it didn't rain though, if not it would not have been so enjoyable. Basically, it was as follows:

- met at the mrt (took a cab cos was a leetle late)
- took a cab (the other cabbie was changing shift so couldn't fetch us to the zoo)to the night safari. Darling looked really really nice and distinguished in a white cottonish linenish button down and khaki trousers. cab ride was nice and cozy, as things w darling usually are.
- had ben and jerry's at the zoo. YAY! darling had cookies and cream, i had vanilla
- went for the tram ride at the night safari. this boy w an american accent overheard me saying that the darkness was creepy and was appalled. "creepy?! this is NOT creepy!"
- walked around on the leopard trail. i screamed a lot cos i was scared that some fugly creepy crawly would land on me since it was so dark and jungle-y. grabbed darling reawlly reawlly tight cos was... you know... scared.
- went back on the 2nd part of the tram ride. v poor thing, a lot of creatures are facing extinction. only 200 lions and 500 tigers left in the wild. In the 1800s, there were 8 species on tigers, now only 5 are left--- the summatran, javanese and caspian tigers are all dead. so sad. then the ranger told us that in the 1950s, 15% of the earth's surface was covered in rainforests, but now, only 6% is and that if people are not careful, there might not have any more natural resources left in 100 years time. He gave this eg--- it takes 3 lions to make 1 fur coat, but only 1 selfish individual to buy it. also found out that the dung of elephants (250kg a day) is used to make... PAPER. (student holds up paper: "it smells like shit". fren: "it IS shit")
- had dinner at bongo burgers by candlelight
- watched the creatures of the night show. super nice! the otters v cute, also the er... civet cat (i think that's its name). The civet cat has cutey little paws and has a sharp nose for smelling grapes :D and the otters can put stuff in recyling bins.
- went to the giants of the forest trail and the fishing cat trail
- walked around at the zoo shop
- went home

darling looks v professional and big-shot like when he listens to his hp while walking around the night safari. haha.

And i hate his stupid hall. nvm. bleah.
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