Tuesday, December 07, 2004
I'm very sad. Darling is involved in a stupid hall production. And i hate it hate it hate it. I hate his hall. I really don't like it. It has NO air con. It takes up a lot of his time, which could be spent with me and I was molested there by him, so the place has bad memories, even though i have forgiven darling for that mistake. I also don't like the fact that it's so far from everything. And i want him to leave the hall asap. Then that production is dumb, cos darling can't dance, cos he looks like an old man doing a young man's moves, and it's stupid. I hate it hate it hate it, and i want to cry, and everyone's sleeping. Shan is and gilbert is. I hate it hate it hate it. Stupid hall. I hate everything about it. It's yucky and evil and a lot of bad things happened there. And i just wish joseph would quit it, and just leave all the bad stuff from there. Oh God help. What am i to do. Dear God, pls help me, and guide me. I don't know anything and i need you so very very bad. I'm so so sad. God pls help. Give me your joy pls. Me gail here is so very very sad. I don't like that stupid yucky no good ne'er do well hall. Good think elmo punk is back here, not in that evil hall. Maybe that's why she was acting weird, cos the hall is evil. Hammy is happy here and she hasn't shown any signs of weird symptoms. The hall is bad bad bad. I hate that place. Don't like going there. It's yucky bad and evil and i hate hate hate it. And that place takes joseph away from me--- his production, his activities--- and they make him do weird things like rugby and dancing, and that place made him do a terrible thing. Haiz. Why couldn't he just stay at home. Homes are safe and nice (most of the time), and his home is nice.

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