Wednesday, November 17, 2004
it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Today, i went out shopping! Lovely. Extremely therapeutic. Saw great jeans, pants, jackets, shoes and handbags, and now, all i can think of is my holiday wardrobe--- nice jackets (1 denim w a fur collar, 1 white w a fur collar), black tuxedo pants, cocktail dresses, dark indigo jeans, black jeans, new handbags (this lovely addidas tote and perhaps a more formal furla or ralph lauren handbag), and a pair of sexy heels or pumps! At ralph lauren, they were playing lovely kenny g Christmas carols, and it would be so nice to just walk w joseph to such romantic jazzy tunes, or relax at home with him and a cat and dog with such music in the background, and look at Christmas catalogues, or wrap presents, or write cards, talk, lie down or sleep. If we were in a cold country, could walk down the streets in lovely winter coats--- he can wear a nice long black one, and i can wear either a toggle coat, peacoat, a tweed coat or a coat w a fur collar, and it would either be knee length or longer, depending on what i'm wearing inside. Then joseph can wear a scarf and walk the dog, and i hold on to his other arm. Nice! But in sg, it's good enough also, walking around looking at the Christmas lights, listening to the carols and all. Ooohhhhhh Christmas! Then can go for church and Carols under Candlelight, and can stay up late and go for midnight service, and then hang around at home! If he could get a car, it'll be even better, then he can drive home after service and it'll be more convenient. But since he doesn't, it's ok. I still love him. Darling's special.

Thank you God for the good times so far. Please bless our relationship. Amen.
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