Monday, November 15, 2004
Haha. So farnie. I was trying to get the blog addy twelvetwentytwo, but it turns out, this other guy took it, and he's a devout Christian! He is "sold out for Christ". So cool! :D

Neways, i got back together with darling. I love him. And it's nice to have him around. Yesterday, i was throwing a tantrum and being sulky after going to darling's house. So as we were going home from his place, he sat me on his lap, held me, and told me everything was going to be fine, and that he loved me, and gave me a lot of "big joe hugs", and it was lovely. I love darling. We got back together yesterday--- a sunday--- in church. During the praise and worship, he asked, "will you be my girlfriend?" and i said yes. He was very happy, and i was too. We had lunch then went home and spent the day there, and at night went over to his place, before going home. I didn't want to take my medicine, and he managed to talk my grandma into letting me not eat it, and though in the end, i did take it so that my grandma would not worry, it was still impressive. We had dinner at my place with my grandma too, and it was nice--- just me, he and por por. Talking and eating, and it was quiet. I like it.

Today, i woke up very tired. Then i thought my teddy was going to kill me. Darling calmed me down and sent me to sleep again. I like clinging on to his arm, tucking my right arm under his arm, and grabbing his left hand w my left hand. I reach up to his chin, and from the side, it looks v nice--- tall lean guy, w a nice long chiselled nose, and sharp features looking ahead, and shorter, young looking girl, grabbing on to him, and looking at the side. It would be a nice photo. Especially if we take it when we're both walking towards park mall after church, and darling walks looking straight ahead, while i walk looking around to see what's there in the shop windows. Darling's v old and matured. He talks old, and walks old, and darling gets tired easily and needs to sit down often when we shop, and also, after i sit on his lap, his knees start to hurt hurt hurt, and they will creak. Hee hee. But darling loves me, so he still lets me sit there. And it feels very comfortable in darling's lap and in his arms, like it was made especially for me me me! Even leaning on his shoulder is comfortable, and i dun have to adjust anything.

It's nice that darling loves me, and can take my childishness and rubbishness. Andrew said that next time, he would leave me at my parent's place so that when he goes to work, my mum and my grandma and maid can take care of me. d said that he would get a maid to take care of me. Darling said that he would rather work from home so that he himself could take care of me. And it would nice he said, he without his shirt typing on his computer, and me lying on his lap, and maybe w a dog and cat nearby. And it's good that darling is a light sleeper so he will wake up when i can't sleep or have nightmares, and heng, his chest is not very hairy. And i like the way he kisses my head, and my hair, and strokes my chin. I've always wanted a guy who would do that, and he did it without my telling him to. And i like darling's nice big hands for holding, and his smooth skin, and his company, and his laugh, and the gentle way he does things, and that he can do almost anything--- drive, fix stuff (whether their computer stuff or non-computer stuff), give good opinions on clothes, carries my handbag (without me asking to), is confident, can train animals (he tamed elmo punk), is sensitive about my health, likes to tuck me to sleep, and wants to bring me to the ZOO! (again, without my telling him to), and has a nice smile and a nice calming voice, and he remembers all the important dates--- like when we 1st met, when we got together etc (some of which i don't even recall), and he likes to talk, and even when we don't talk, it feels comfortable.

I love him.

God, please bless our relationship, and help it to be pure. Amen.
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